Getting your camper ready for Spring

The Basic Preparation Spring Checklist

 Getting your camper ready for use this Spring?

Once Spring hits and the temperatures are staying above freezing, it’s a safe time to work on getting your RV ready for use without the fear of a deep freeze.  If you haven’t used your RV throughout the winter, you probably took steps to winterize and prepare your camper for cold storage. Spring is the best time to reverse the process and get ready for the camping season!

Here is a basic checklist to help you get prepared for seasonal use:

  • Check the RV batteries and make sure they have a full charge
  • Flush the water system if you used the antifreeze method of winterizing
  • Check for any water leaks
  • Check appliances
  • Check tires for tire pressure, wear. etc.
  • Inspect all of the seams – including the roof – & seal, as needed. This will prevent any water leaks in your camper.  This is one of the most important things you can do on a routine basis to keep your camper in excellent condition and leak free!
  • Perform a full safety check on hitch connections
  • Check exterior lighting, brake lights and blinkers
  • Run out your awning and check for signs of wear

If you have any questions on preparing your camper or would like a quote on de-winterizing your camper, just let us know!  You can call 919-934-4710 or email:


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